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What is the Rehab Singer project?

Tom Kennedy goes into drug & alcohol rehabs, hospitals, halfway houses, and jails. He sees firsthand the damage drug & alcohol abuse can do. Tom uses music to carry the message that help is always available; we can use music to trigger good thoughts and positive motivation. The experiences he has to relate are captivating, ironically humorous at times, gut-wrenching, a wake-up call, and always powerful.

Ask me...

"Ask me about the guy who blew $1.5 million on crack, then sold his house to pay for rehab. Left with virtually nothing, his only desire was to live without drugs."

"Ask me about the local girl who died from 'huffing' someone as simple as aerosol keyboard cleaner obtained from a local store."


"I want to give people in rehabs some moments of happiness they thought wouldn't ever exist for them anymore. I want them to know that there is a bright light at the end of the pain tunnel, and that bright light is not an oncoming train - the bright light is a new way of life."

When a person is thinking about recovery, they aren't thinking about using drugs.

Music can trigger good thoughts, music doesn't have to trigger bad thoughts of the past. We can re-train our thoughts to use any song we've ever heard as a recovery tool, relating the music to present times and thoughts of good living. New perspectives erasing old habits.

Mission Statements

Using music to explore new methods of discouraging drug & alcohol abuse, managing conflict, and preventing relapse. Always searching for new methods to achieve success

Bring attention to drug & alcohol abuse awareness through the use of music, art, video, and other media; help those with drug & alcohol abuse problems through the use of music, art, video, and other media.


Music can elevate your mood and lift your thinking... who knew?

Tom has a B.S. from the University of Maryland Europe, an MBA (logistics) from Florida Tech, he lived in Europe (Berlin & Heidelberg) for 6 years, studied theater in London, worked in the Pentagon, performed services for every U.S. intelligence agency national and internationally, was an entertainer for the Hooter's restaurant chain, founded and operated a computer company, and is a professional DUI class lecturer on 'the progression of drug & alcohol abuse'.

The RehabSinger Project has completed well over 200 Music in Recovery 

shows in various rehabs, halfway houses, and hospitals.

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Just Let Her Die?

Check out  this locally filmed and produced 3 minute music video - Whenever you see  someone that thinks addicts should die, and/or that addicts shouldn't  get Narcan, please refer them to this 3 minute music video. Too many  people think addicts use drugs to make life like one big party - they  don't know that the party was over long time ago by the time addiction  sets in - they don't know the horrors of addiction. Maybe this video  will help them better understand. (Words, music, and video production by Tom Kennedy.)